For many reasons during 2020, I had some extra time at home. I got more and more into textures, started my explorations on more varied things with 3D printers, and returned a bit into embedded systems and sensors. Similarly, t-here- are many more sketches and projects from 2019 and before, but this ones are the ones that I want to put in here. Feel free to explore them and create your own versions of them. You can also see the code of some of them.

Firmament:  Space is so infinitly big that we cannot understand it. We can only imagine it. Create your own universe here.

Growth: One of the first explorations about simulation life.

Dresses:  I wanted to capture the delicate feeling of a tight dress against skin. Try it here.

Lithophanes: A lithophane is a three-dimensional object, that displays an image or design when backlit. The image or design appears as varying shades of gray or relief depending on the thickness of the material. I used a script to generete the relief from a picture and then printed it vertically (because threr is more resolution on the XY plane). An image with high contrast yields better results.

Pixel Camera: I really like the effect of pixel sorting. I wanted to be able to do it live somehow. In p5js, we can access the pixels' indexes of the camera feed. With this information we can perfrom a sorting algorithm on arrays, increase or decreses the resolution and have some filter effects as well. Pixelate yourself here , and find some code here.

Random Posters: I wanted to creter more varied textures using p5js. Using noise, recursive functions and some randomness. I created this posters as a way to have some place to use these textures. I think i wanted to say something with it, but I dont remember anymore.

Drips: I wanted to let the paint flow. Try it here.

Sonoro: Visualizing sound is a very interesting thing. I wanted to create a few different ways to do it. This experiment showcases an amplitude blob; a radial spectrogram; and a rolling frequency visualizer.

Seismograph: Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that can be very destructive. But in a way they are necessary for the planet to be alive. I wanted to capture the beauty of this natural phenomenon. This experiment showcases a seismograph that draws the movement of the earth. Shake it here.

Warped: We can use noise is a way to create complex textures. A Perlin noise function that moves in X and Y and Z, We can use the return value from that function as an input to another Perlin noise function. We can do this as many times are our computer allows. The results produce soft edges, and water or cloud like images, although it can be used for so much more.

Ripples: The smell of rain is something that we all can related to. Try it here.

Star Trails: If you wait long enough, you can see the stars go around you. Try it here.

Algos: A small experiment for visualizing different sorting algorithms. Try it here.

HSL Bikes: A visualisation of the Helsinki city bikes usage during the 2019 season. I was tired of never getting a bike, so I did this to be able to see where were they. Try it here.

Bacteria: Some bacteria on a petri dish. Observe them here.

Cubic Disarray Remix: This is a recreation of Cubic Disarray by Georg Nees. Try it here.

Vera Molnar Remix: This is a recreation of  Vera Molnar’s Abstract Squares. Try it here.

Solar Paths: If you wait long enough, you can see the Sun go around you. Try it here.

Fog: What lies beyond the horizon? Find it here.

Shakey: Take a random walk here.

Terrain: Some sweet velvet mountains. Try them here.