Stranded Foundations

We (Calvin Guillot, Monika Hauck, Katie Ballinger, Mathias Schach , Margo Nowicka, et al) were invited to create a mural and installation for the Space 21 building in Otaniemi. We assemble a lovely team, but i was the lead artisit for the design of the mural. I used a iterative metods to create large strands that inhabit a perlin noise field. We wanted to showcase the constant changes that undergo the resaerch process, given that Space 21 is designed for exploration and developing of new ideas. The piece is around 6 by 3 meters in size. 

I was rather sick during the installation, so unfortunately couldn’t participate on the actual painting. Below you can find some snipets fo the process, and you can finde the code for the piece here.