Tonni YLE

This project was a collaboration with Kalle Eskelinen for Yleisradio Oy (YLE) Finland. The idea was to showcase a series of demos about the new possiblities for creating media using state-of-the-art AI systems. We used a mix of StableDiffusion (ComfyUI, animateDiff), ElevenLabs (fake voices), python scripting, and automation techniques to create several videos with different styles and deepfaked voices. These videos are based on the seminal finnish meme Tonnin Seteli.

As these technology advance, something become easier to do, and the quality also grealty improves. The technology that we used at the beginning of the project was already too slow (8h per video), and by the time we were halfway, thus we had to update for a new, faster, and better system(30min per video). You can see an example of the imporve quality in some of the videos at the end of this page. By the time of this writing, it is assured that a new system is already out there than can render these videos in real-time.