What does it mean to be a Carlos? If your identity can be anything, even beyond human forms, then what does it me to be you? As our physical appearance becomes increasingly entwined with our sense of self, we must confront the implications of a world where hundreds of thousands of variations of our image can be effortlessly generated. Who, then, lays claim to these images, and how do they challenge our notions of individuality, ownership, and the very essence of our humanity?

The Carlosverse 2023 Exhibition showcases 600 distinct images, each crafted through a synthesis of various artificial intelligence systems. A model was created using around 100 images of Carlos, and then a diffusion generation system employed this model to semi-autonomously produce thousands of iterations of his image. Some portray the mundane aspects of everyday life, while others depict alternate realities in which the very fabric of human nature has undergone a metamorphosis.

At its core, this exhibition is an exploration of identity, delving into the depths of our relationship with self-image, and how the proliferation of synthetic humans can challenge and redefine our understanding of the human experience. The seemingly limitless variations of Carlos's image raise crucial questions about the nature of individuality and our shared cultural identity.

In a world where the border between the organic and the synthetic becomes increasingly blurry, these images invite us to reflect upon the blurred lines between reality and fiction, and the fragility of our definitions of what it means to be human. We are encouraged to ponder the ever-evolving nature of identity, and the role that technology plays in shaping our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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