Inivisible Lines

The work comprises of two large projections facing each other. On the one side the colors of the images of waves, forest, underwater reef are bleeding into the silhouette of the person entering the space. The feeling of calm is reflected in the sounds of wind and birds. The opposing screen shows burning destruction, glitchy horror happening outside of the person’s reflection, with a dissolution of crimson reds and blacks inside it. Sounds of underwater volcanoes and explosions accompany the turmoil.

When one travels between the two extremes, one notices an invisible border in the middle, that unveils where one arrives, and blurs the place that is left behind.

We (Calvin Guillot, Margo Nowicka,  Mathias Schach) wanted to showcase how these constructed boundaries rule our world. At the time the Ukraine-Russia war had been going on for around 2-3 months. This piece is an allegory to what happens when you cross the Ukraine-Poland border, when suddenly your world changes, and chaos is left behind. Even if it still exists, just one step away.