I’ve always had some interest in origami and creating structures with paper. I have work with compliant mechanisms before, 3D printed foldable structures, minimal surfaces with paper, and experimented with paper tessellations. However, I think I was lacking some fundamental understanding of the elements of the idea of corrugating a flat surface. My expectations for the workshop taught by Paul Jackson were quite vague. I enter this journey without any direction, but with an open mind. I’m happy I did that. Now, origami is a key component of my artistic expression. I know i will use it for larger things in the future.

Special thanks to Elaine Banks for letting me cast her hand.

All starts with just a blank piece of paper.

Some forms are made of simple pattern, but the repetitions create beautiful effect under certain light. They change how they look, as we change how we see them.

Everything was going well, until I discovered, “one-crease” patterns, and curvature. Nothing will be the same from that point on.

Finally in my quest for new patters, I stumble into something I have never seen before: crumpling. This form exists almost as creature with their own set of unknown rules to us. Organic beings that don’t care about perfect straight lines. They just fold as they want.This technique will define future projects and approaches in my life.

I thought: “maybe this can take the form of something else too, something organic”. And so, my casting journey begun.