We all are in a continuous process of evolution and transformation. Our ideas, feelings, experiences, and emotions change over time, and even our interpretations of those changes. Going from one state to another evolving and mutating. From softness to hardness, from light to dark, open and close, artificial and organic.

This is and exploration of the concept of maturing. The piece is a reflection on the idea that the only constant is life is change. We were inspired by natural symmetries and projective geometry. The willow sticks create a motif that reflect the dynamism of mathematics and nature. The whole structure is secured with jute thread, placed  on top a metal platform. The piece is design to decay with time, chage with seasons, and eventually completly breakdown.

This project was a collaboration with Faezeh Sadeghi for Aalto University and ACRE. Below you can find pictures of the process, sketches and setup of the final piece.