Calvin Guillot is an artist, designer, and creative developer from Colombia currently based in Helsinki. His work delves into the exploration of the self from both external and internal perspectives, and through the creation of audio-visual experiences, he aim to uncover new ways for us to engage with our thoughts and the spaces within and outside of our minds.

His practice encompasses a range of mediums, including traditional painting and street art, as well as generative art, AI, and artificial synthetic life. He is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible in the artistic realm and create immersive and thought-provoking experiences for his audience.

Atlas is a faceless and timeless voyager, the alter-ego of Calvin, bound to carry the weight of a world filled with love, pain, life, and death. In every performance, a distinct experience is crafted, weaving together artificial and human emotions. Their art is an interplay of horror and beauty, a dance between the real and the imaginary, and the merging of flesh and metal.

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instagram.com/atlas_x_atlas (as Atlas)